Crème de la Crème is not just ice cream, but Super Premium Quality Ice Cream, a title exclusively awarded to the very best ice creams and sorbets.

Our unique way of working, translates into a product that is fresh and that provides a natural and unrivaled taste experience.

100% PURE

Crème de la Crème ice cream is 100% natural ice cream. It is made with only the best ingredients and is therefore full and pure in taste. It is prepared without coloring and flavoring.


Crème de la Crème is prepared according to an authentic recipe and contains only fresh ingredients, such as the best vanilla sticks from Madagascar, free-range eggs, daily fresh farm milk and cream. They come directly from the farmer, and are processed immediately!

Pure fruit

Crème de la Crème makes a sorbet with 45 percent pure fruit, and no concentrate is needed! You can taste a true explosion of fruit flavors. Result: a healthy and light dessert.